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“For the Heart May Conceive, Head May Device . . Devoid Synergy, If the Hand is Not Prompt enough to Execute the Design”

Innovative Toilets

Glass is perhaps the only material which looks solid but is chemically (read scientifically) liquid (super cooled liquid); this is not a drawback – and infact is one of the most advantageous fact;

Glass can be bent, can be toughened, can be colored (stained), can be etched, can be molded, and much more things can be done with it – to suit the purpose of use;

Glass since it’s invention, centuries ago, has trickled deep in every aspect of our daily lives– we use a Glass to drink Wine*, windows have glass, tables are made of glass, modern offices use glass as façade, glass is use to decorate, glass is used to cover (canopy), all this a an extreme example of Glass being used as a Nut & Bolt in Airplane Manufacturing – thanks to its property of being light weight, moldable and most importantly Non Corrosive;

Have you heard of Toilets in Glass?

Yes, it may sound weird, but true – toilets can be made in Glass, without compromising the privacy and the utility of the space;

Why Use Glass for Toilet Walls?

Today, in Hotel Rooms, Toughened Glass is replacing the 150mm thk. masonry walls – thereby saving 138mm x length of carpet space – this may not look much to any home or office owner – but for Hotels, this is a big saving on carpet space, since the factor of multiplication is high;

This toughened glass is frosted / translucent and thus enables transfer of light, keeps the space bright yet deters any see-through situation;

For homes or places where saving space is not an issue, Glass Bricks are being used to construct the internal toilet walls – again to make sure that while maintaining privacy a toilet is kept well lit and gives a very lighter visual appearance; this not only saves on masonry wall construction, but also saves on plaster, tile cladding over it, giving a easy to maintain, clean and hygienic surface; Except the external wall & the wall with all piping & fittings, all balance walls can be made out of Glass;

Now, this is what we call – “Innovative Toilets”

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