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Vastu : Science

Vastu Sashtra, if you search on Wikipedea, is “Vastu shastra (vastu veda, “science of construction”, “architecture“) is an ancient doctrine which consists of precepts born out of a traditional and archaic view on how the laws of nature affect human dwellings.[1] The designs are based on directionalalignments. It is primarily applied in Hindu architecture, especially for Hindu temples, although it covers other domains, including poetry, dance, sculpture, etc. The foundation of Vastu is traditionally ascribed to the mythical sage Mamuni Mayan

However this definition seems to be very Analytic to a layman – then, What is Vastu Sahtra?

In Simple Words, Vastu Sashtra is Science – it is the science of planning.

Planning a Home or an Office – selecting a Property or a remodeling a Warehouse – all these activities need the knowledge of Vastu science;

Vastu is the science, which is based on the principles of Nature – the Earth, Wind, Sun, Moon, Water, Rain;

In our everyday lives all the above natural factors play a very important role – for example – thanks to the Earth Gravitational Force – we have our feet firm on grounds and can walk with ease – thanks to the Sun’s Natural light, we live in Healthy Conditions;

This Science is as vast as any other branch of science can be – though the author is not an Authority on this subject – but has his own tried and tested knowledge on the subject;

The word Vastu, especially in India, can be misguiding : it can be simply used to make money by suggesting / implementing unnecessary or sometimes extravagant ideas or changes, which may not necessarily change much of the situation or improve the living conditions;

This Science provides the guiding principles of planning so as to enable better development; this not only specifies which shape & size of plot or premises give what kind of results of specific use, it also explains placement of specif zone in a particular direction, keeping in mind the natural effects &/or advantages to the use & the user;

Lets take an example of simple Vastu being used in Architecture of Factory Buildings – Vastu is the reason why a Typical factory or a Mill roof is given an angle sloping down towards the south, having a wider opening on North – this Not only enables Glare Free North Light to enter the Shop floor easily – but also blocks teh Heat and glare of South face & reflects it back at an angle;

In India these Concepts are taken-up or Presented in more Dramatic form  - sometimes in the name of GOD, and most of the time keeping the Physiological Myths or Orthodox as base; this may have helped in ancient times to enable the intellectuals to Mandate the use of Vastu or to keep the monopoly of the knowledge to themselves;

Today, when the word is enlightened and every information is available on a click of a button – such Myths are ‘Busted’

Listed below are just a few Tips, on what Vastu Science can do to your home or office and above all, what it can do to your life:

  1. Keeping the Main Entrance towards facing East – helps keep the entrance, approach and internal foyer healthy & fresh – also when one leaves for work in the morning – he is welcomed with healthy rays of Sun
  2. Similarly planning the Kitchen with a window on the Eastern Side has it’s benefits of maintaining a Bacteria Free Hygiene – Morning Sun Rays are believed to be acting as a natures way to killing all the germs that developed during the nocturnal phase;
  3. One should not face South while sleeping – all know that the opposite poles attract and similar poles deflect – the same theory applies with Human body – your Head is your North Pole & Legs the South Pole – when your head is in North & legs in South the poles deflect – affecting your blood circulation, and in long run giving you anything from Bad Dreams to stress, Blood pressure, etc.; sleeping with your head in South shall give Positive Health results;
  4. Shop Owners should select a East or a North Facing shop front – the shop front should be wide enough, but should not be odd or disproportionate in shape – this again is to make sure that the shop-front display is clearly visible to the passerby and internally the arrangement of goods to display are not in confusing manner;
  5. Contrary to the above, if it is a financial organization like a Bank – it’s frontage may be narrower and wider inside – this helps security & deters any mischief;

There are many such Tips, one can use – we shall go on adding more points in following parts of this Post – in case a specific and detailed information is required, you may contact us at h3synergy@gmail.com;

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