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Wall Finishes – Wall Papers

One of the most important & time consuming part of any Interior job is to finish the walls;

It Not only takes a lot of intellectual time to finalize a wall finish, it also takes a lot of time to get the right finish and get the job done;

Why So Much Fuss On Wall Finish?

Answer is – Walls (or any Vertical Surfaces) are one of the most visible parts of any interior space – ceilings & floors are secondary – Vertical surfaces, be it windows, doors, partitions, walls, anything – are the most ‘Looked At’ surfaces;

THUS the need to spend more time deciding how they look;

MIND You – the way the wall finish is, is the way one may end up feeling – while living in that space – be it workplace or home;

Scientific Research has shown that Human Moods depend on their environment – the ambient colors affect the mind & heart;

Example – a Pink or a Red shall keep things Active – while a soothing Green, keeps the mind calm – thus a Ting of pink is used in Bedrooms, while Red in Fast Foods & Green shades are used for Nursing Homes & Hospitals;

NOW coming to our main subject of WALL FINISHES

Simplest way to complete a wall is to simply Paint it – a plain simple choice of color applied with brush & roller;

Enhancement in the same can be done by using better, brighter or pastel shades of paint;

Texture to this simple paint, can again, simply be added by using a texture roller or other tools like Spatula, Sponge, etc.;

More Tedious or Craft-men Oriented Job is to get the Surface Clad – this Not Only will Cost More Time but one shall need to shell our more money – Surface cladding may, however, give a wide choice and long lasting finish – eg. Marble, Granite, Veneers, Laminates, Glass, Mosaics, etc. are just a few examples of wall cladding;

Till Date the Fastest, Budget-Flexi & By Par Easiest of Wall Finish has been WALL PAPERS – though known as wall-papers, today the market has a wide variety of wall-papers with fabric / vinyl backing – making them more stronger, long lasting & easy to clean;

Wall Papers come in wide choice of colors, finishes, designs, textures & Costs – one simply needs a clean and dry surface and the finish can be done in No Time (about 50 sqm. can be fixed in couple of hours);

Advantage to this is over a period of few years these can be simply torn-off and replaced;

H3 Synergy, while designing any home decor or an office uses a lot of such wall finishes and recommends Wall-Papers not just for faster & better results, but to enable a much enhanced and better surface finish;

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