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Helpful Tips – Villa / Bungalow Construction & Finishing

  1. Structural:

1.1.        The Building Structure shall be in First Class RCC Frame Structure – preferably made with Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) and use of Tor Steel of relevant thicknesses;

1.2.        Shuttering to be in Metal for most areas, except the curved portion can be done in Flexi Ply;

1.3.        Curring of the RCC components is a Must;

1.4.        No Honey Combing should be visible – in case honeycombing occurs, the same needs to be sealed with Rich Cement Mortar;


  1. Civil & Finishing (Exterior & Interior):

2.1.        Brick is out of date – use Fly Ash Block – preferably of 200mm thickness – these are not only Green – Eco-friendly, but also Insulating – if Hollow Blocks are used one may achieve a temperature difference of min. 7* C while solid block shall give about 5* temperature difference, between outside ambient & interiors;

2.2.        External Plaster should be 18mm thk. Cement Plaster;

2.3.        Internal Plaster needs to be 12 mm thk. Gypsum Plaster (Saint Gobain – Gyproc Plaster) – this too helps strength of wall & is an insulation material;

2.4.        Terraces, toilets & balcony / veranda need to be water proof in Brick Bat Coba with 6” to 8” watta (top cover);

2.5.        External Finish can be in Stone tiles of 12mm thickness or similar ceramic tiles are also available – use of granite, and other local stones is also good depending of design choice;

2.6.        Economical option is Exterior Texture Paint with groves;

2.7.        Modern homes also use ACP (Aluminum Composite Panels) but that will give a very commercial / office look;

2.8.        Terrace needs to be finished with bright tiles, may be simple 1’x1’ white ceramic tiles or mosaic tiles; this is reflective and avoids heat absorption;

2.9.        Interior Paint on ceiling & walls should be Acrylic Emulsion Paint – after the gypsum plaster has completely dried – suggest apply Oil Bound Distemper during finishing and then paint the walls after a Year;

2.10.     Flooring options: 24” x 24” Vitrified tiles has huge choice and is most economical – next is 1M x 1M Vitrified Tiles which is comparatively expensive; One can use Marble or Granite as per convention and long-lasting choice; Italian Marble in flooring will need to be Maintained; Artificial Marbles  have a huge choice, they are expensive but look good – however they may dull out in next 8-9 years; Children Bedroom may be floored in sports flooring materials available in market – Master bedroom may be floored with Laminated floor or comparatively expensive true-wood floor – but these are not easy to maintain; Use of Wall-To-Wall carpet in Indian Homes need to be avoided;

2.11.     Kitchen & Toilet Platforms need to be in solid granite stone or in modern “Corian” material – advantage of expensive but good material like Corian is that you will get a Joint free platform – no joints, means no specie for bug / insects to make home – CLEAN;

2.12.     Kitchen Platform storage should be done with SS Trolleys on telescopic channels; front shutters should be in Marine Ply with laminate on all both sides and edge bound with PVC Edge binding;

2.13.     Windows & Glass doors in extreme climate region are suggested to be in Double Glazing, i.e. 6mm-12mm-6mm or any similar combination; this will keep the heat/cold out from Fenestrations – Frames shall be in Aluminium with Anodising; wooden frames for doors & windows is also good, the same should then be Duco Painted for long life; Wood needs to be Seasoned Teak or Miranti free of knots & warps and thick sections;

2.14.     Main door frame should be made-out-of atleast 8” x 4” thickness and internal doors 6” x 3”, while the Main door can be in panel or solid but of min. 40 mm thk., and internal door of 30mm thk.;

2.15.     Cills& Jambs need to be in Granite or any other Hard Stone;

2.16.     All gaps & joints between windows, doors, cills, etc. need to be sealed with Silicon

2.17.     All door hardware need to be in Brass – handles can be in chrome finish;

2.18.     Use of Glass can be done virtually everywhere – 12mm thk. Toughened glass for partitions between areas, 18 mm thk. Toughened glass for Dinning Table and other table tops with beveled / rounded edges; glass where privacy is required can be stuck with frosted glass films – suggest to use films and not chemical frosting – this will give the flexibility of changing the film after 5 years – chemical frosting is permanent and gets patchy after few years;

2.19.     Decorative glass can be used in ceiling, flooring, partitions, panels, wardrobes, beds, units, etc.;

2.20.     Toilets can be planned with opaque Glass Partitions too, so as to save space and give more light and ventilation

2.21.     Toilets can have Glass Basins too, which can not only make things look clean but shall also make a compact bathroom look spacious;

2.22.     Walls can be panelled with Veneer with Melamine polish, Laminate with Ply backing; some areas, especially entrance, lounges, living areas can be clad with Italian Marble;

2.23.     Toilets should have flooring to slope – avoid use of large slabs of flooring material, if the same is large, it should be in natural material like marble or granite so that slope can be created; regular Vitrified tiles are slippery, Matt Finish Vitrified / ceramic tiles are good for wet areas’ flooring;

2.24.     Toilet dado can be in Large Format Ceramic / Vitrified tiles, Glass Mosaics, etc.

2.25.     False ceiling can be done in Gypsum with GI Framing (Gypsteel) of Saint Gobain make; decorative false ceiling can be with wooden joists, veneer panels, glass, decorative light fixtures, etc.;


NOTE: Few of the work methods may not match the local system – the above information is primarily for Asian Conditions – while most of the data is basic and useful in all countries; this is a simple advisory – for more details and specific information please contact us at mailus@h3synergy.com or visit www.h3synergy.com

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